Prof. Guohua Wu, Professor of Central South University, Doctoral supervisor, Secretary of Logistics Engineering Department, Director of Institute of Intelligent Decision-making of Complex Systems, Winner of Hunan Outstanding Youth Fund, Vice Chairman of Hunan System Simulation Society, Deputy Secretary-General of Intelligent Simulation Optimization and Dispatching Committee of China Simulation Society, Vice Chairman of Dispatching Frontier Committee of IEEE Computational Intelligence Association, and Outstanding Scientific and Technological Worker of China Simulation Society. Bachelor's, master's and doctor's degrees from the National Defense University of Science and Technology, outstanding doctor graduates from the National Defense University of Science and Technology, and visiting scholars from University of Alberta, Canada. He won the First Prize for Technological Innovation of China Simulation Society, the Second Prize for Artificial Intelligence Natural Science in Wu Wenjun, the Third Prize for Natural Science in Hunan Province, the First Prize for Teaching Achievements of National Defense University of Science and Technology, and won the Third Class Merit once. His research directions are intelligent optimization and decision-making, machine learning, scheduling theory and application, intelligent transportation and logistics system. More than 80 high-level papers indexed by SCI/Ei have been published in authoritative journals such as IEEE TCYB, IEEE TSMCA and IEEE TITS, including 1 hot paper in the top 0.1% of ESI and 3 highly cited papers in the top 1% of ESI. He presided over more than 10 projects such as the National High Score Major Project, the National Defense Science and Technology Innovation Special Zone, the Equipment Pre-research Project, the National Self-Science Fund, and the Hunan Outstanding Youth Fund, and participated in more than 20 projects at the national, military, and provincial and ministerial levels.